Current update, now. On 11/15/2019:

  1. Enjoying home-ownership, yard work, and int'l and domestic travel with my wife.

  2. Working remotely for Netlify as Sr. Web Strategy Manager - growing and optimizing the web experience across various domains/properties 🤘

  3. Running Plink podcast smart linking service and Makerviews digital publication of interviews with artists, craftspeople, and many talented makers.

  4. Constantly learning and growing as a developer - server-side, full-stack explorations lately.

  5. Still no Facebook App - since Oct. 2017 - Nick Offerman inspired it.

  6. Making things by hand as often as possible, I'm finding myself getting into leatherworking.

  7. Wanting/striving to exercise more and just be more active, in general.

  8. Using standing desk during work ~80% of the time now.


Previous updates to this page were on Apr. 29, 2019, Jul. 03, 2018, Mar. 15, 2018, Apr. 22, 2017, Dec. 12, 2017.

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