Entrepreneur, Innovator, Adventurer

Hi, I'm Joyce. I enjoy building innovative products and engaging with customers to provide an exceptional customer experience. I’m also passionate about selling direct to consumers (DTC), as this enables me to get customer feedback, build a community and brand.

I enjoy taking on various roles within start-up companies, including in sales, marketing and all operations from the ground up. I’ve worked on leadership programmes to empower indigenous leaders and grow community enterprises. I have also taken on advisory roles for local businesses exporting to China and built DTC business in the U.S.

I spend most of my time in New Zealand and China. This is my personal site, alongside my portfolio of work.



Working with Nuku introduced me to many new areas of responsibility across the entire business channel. I drove both ideas and results to support the company achieve profitable product development, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, branding, messaging, positioning, marketing, creation of websites, social profiles and launching of products on online platforms.

Nuku’s mission is to create financially sustainable enterprises that allow indigenous communities to achieve success that aligns with their unique business concepts and aspirations.

In my position at Te Whare Hukahuka, I held various roles encompassing project and team management, financial updates and regular progress tracking. My work involves delivering multiple projects – governance training for indigenous leaders, business growth advisory for local businesses and youth leadership programmes.

Our work has been recognised by Forbes magazine, making the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list in the Social Entrepreneurs category as well as receiving two nominations for excellence in Social Innovation, Ka Eke Poutama Programme, and Te Whare Hukahuka as an enterprise in the NZ Innovation Awards 2017.

Katabolt is New Zealand’s leading export consultancy, helping Kiwi companies take their products to the world.

My work for Katabolt involved assisting the client, Dunninghams, the top New Zealand butchers suppliers, with market validation to an offshore market. I help them to uncover insights through conversations with distributors, resellers and consumers to find the market entry and form a quality partnership.